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Yo te lo dije no me iba a enamorar, te lo advertí, a tí que el otro día nos íbamos a olvidar, que no nos ibamos a llamar y fue un placer tenerte hasta el amanecer, por si acaso baby no te vuelvo a ver.

Sometimes you go through life and you end up finding people like you. I mean in the ways that you show care and affection for another. I found my childhood friend and crush which I am bold enough to say this day. I was never the person to say how I felt or to show physically. I was always a person that I will buy you things or made things to show all the time and dedication that I really wanted to do this for this person. Earlier this year I need something for someone and to be honest it’s still under my bed it took me 5 hours to finish it and the person still hasn’t come by to get it I would go personally to their house, but I dont know where the person lives. And now this childhood friend and childhood crush did the same but yes this person spent more time 8 hours to be exact and plus another hour for the portrait. And I absolutely love gift and I really appreciate. Con todo el cariño que alguien el puede a otra persona ♥ me encanta!!

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