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Judge’s Choice: The Madisonian

By: Alice Choi of Waunakee, Wisconsin 

“The Madisonian is my favorite because not only was it totally delicious, but to me it really captures the essence of Wisconsin. Every part of this sandwich adds so much flavor and, together, the ingredients work brilliantly. The cheesy bread is one of Wisconsin’s star creations, and it works so beautifully with the bratwurst and the mac’ n’ cheese (a genius addition to any grilled cheese in my book!). I seriously love everything about this sandwich!!” - MacKenzie of grilledcheesesocial

Yes, Madison, Wisconsin has a lot to offer — including a grilled cheese sandwich that combines all of the  city’s unique flavors and flair. The Madisonian is a delicious ensemble of Wisconsin cheddar, bratwurst, sauerkraut and Dijon mustard on hot and spicy cheese bread. We’re sure your taste buds will enjoy their visit. 

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